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Best Rate Deals FAQ's

What is Best Rate Deals? is the website used by Best Rate Deals Limited.

What do Best Rate Deals Do?

Best Rate Deals principle aim is to partner up with only one recommended partner in each town in order to bring you their Best Rate Deal.

What local business's do Best Rate Deals team up with?

We are teaming up with local Estate Agents, and Removals Companies, Property related sectors, like Conveyancers, or Solicitors. We also are interested in helping you find the best deal possible through Fastloan Finance if you are looking for a Mortgage or re Mortgage.

Does Best Rate Deals promise to be the cheapest deal?

No we do not make that claim. What Best rate Deals asks and expects of our recommended local partner is that they offer good value for money, and great customer service; and from time to time they offer special deals for our customers, look out for the money off vouchers on the site.

Why are you called Best Rate Deals?

Because we have arranged with our local town partner to publish special voucher offers and discounts from time to time; these are redeemable against any normal fees or charges or costs highlighted on any given voucher. In other words you can receive their Best Rate Deal, through use of the discount vouchers which appear on our website.

Is the Best rate Deals voucher valid elsewhere?

No the voucher is only valid with the town partner.

How simple is it to get a quote from a Best Rate Deals partner?

It is really simple, no more fussing around with websites that send your contact details to anyone who will pay them. If you have ever tried that approach you will likely of been disappointed as you will likely know all that happens is your request from the so called price comparison site generates multiple calls from various telesales staff all of whom are normally very unwilling or unable to provide a quote until they have arranged a visit for an representative to see you.

So how then does Best Rate Deals vary from this traditional approach?

We do not send your details or requests to simply anyone who's willing to pay for your contact details. We have done all the hard work beforehand ensuring our partners offer good value for money, and on top of this there are often savings to be had by using a Best Rate Deal Voucher too.

I noticed there are other local businesses on your site, are these recommended partners too?

No these are purely here for your convenience we thought this would be helpful should you require contact or address information of any local business in your area. We have therefore included a directory of all the businesses in that sector in your town.